Yacht Rental List

Find best luxury yachts for rent below.

Bedia Sultan Gulet
The Bedia Sultan gulet is based in Bodrum Turkey.  She is one of the most deluxe gulets to charter for premium class holidays.  She accommodates 10 special guests in 5 magnificent cabins comprising of 2 master, 2 double, and 1 twin.

Blue Heaven Gulet
The Blue Heaven gulet is an impressive 5 cabin yacht which accommodates up to 9 guests in total luxury. Cabin selection comprises of 2 master, 2 double and 1 single.

Çakır Yıldız Gulet
Built in 2014, the Cakır Yıldız Gulet is a high standard Bodrum ketch. She boasts 43 meters in length and offers a luxurious sailing experience in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

Clear Eyes Yacht
The yacht Clear Eyes offers 5 impressive guests cabins consisting of 1 master, 2 double and 2 twin. Boasting all the charm and tradition of a schooner, she provides all the modern luxuries in a VIP standard gulet.

Alessandro Yacht
Alessandro yacht stretches 40 meters with a well-designed interior. Sailing or cruising – it’s your choice. VIP standards will spoil you with spacious living areas and sturdy construction,  fine cuisine and exquisite accommodation during your blue cruise travels.   Cabin arrangement: 1 VIP master with jacuzzi, 2 master, 1 twin cabin with 2 twin beds.

Aiaxaia Yacht
46m in length, this sailing yacht guarantees modern luxury with generous cabins, numerous amenities, recreational activities, an onboard chef, and personal attention to every client’s wishes.